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Freelance writer specializing in business, marketing, mobile, social media, ecommerce, security, fintech, music, legal, B2B, SMB, online culture E: damurrow (at) gmail dot com

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Seo article

Keywords and SEO Are Still an Essential Way to Promote Your ...

Promote your business by using social media, SEO, relevant keywords, and e-commerce to help grow your revenues in just a few short months.

Holidays article

Smart, New Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Many SMBs learn from previous years about what works and what doesn’t for holiday social media marketing, and then tailor plans accordingly for the current year. But instead of just replicating last year’s marketing ideas with a new spin, why not try to look to experiment with new ideas, new advertising platforms, and social media marketing on new networks?

Mm article

Why Mobile Is Mandatory for Small Business Marketing (and What to Do About It)

A new report from comScore notes that mobile phone use continues to grow. In fact, it’s now the leading digital platform—with more than 50% growth since 2013. T

Facebooklive article

How to Promote Your Business with Facebook Live - Groupon Merchant

How to Promote Your Business with Facebook Live - G...