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Freelance writer specializing in business, marketing, mobile, social media, ecommerce, security, fintech, music, legal, B2B, SMB, online culture E: damurrow (at) gmail dot com

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Zoned Properties launches new company website; CEO joins two ...

Zoned Properties launches new company website; CEO ...

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Making Liquor Buying Easy with Drizly

Drizly calls itself “the world’s largest alcohol marketplace” and it’s simply one of the easiest ways to shop for beer, wine, and spirits. Customers can order their favorite adult beverages through the Drizly website or the mobile app (Download at Android, iOS ) and have it delivered to their home, business or party location.

Seo article

Keywords and SEO Are Still an Essential Way to Promote Your ...

Promote your business by using social media, SEO, relevant keywords, and e-commerce to help grow your revenues in just a few short months.

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It’s crucial for SMBs to take a clear look at their current customer base, separate fleeting marketing trends from daily business practices that work, and deliver the goods in order to win over customers.

Books article

Must-Read Business Books for SMBs | The Mozy Blog

Must-Read Business Books for SMBs | The Mozy Blog - these books below will help offer plenty of new knowledge and wisdom to drive your company’s fortunes ahead for the rest of the year.

Holidays article

Smart, New Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Many SMBs learn from previous years about what works and what doesn’t for holiday social media marketing, and then tailor plans accordingly for the current year. But instead of just replicating last year’s marketing ideas with a new spin, why not try to look to experiment with new ideas, new advertising platforms, and social media marketing on new networks?

Mm article

Why Mobile Is Mandatory for Small Business Marketing (and What to Do About It)

A new report from comScore notes that mobile phone use continues to grow. In fact, it’s now the leading digital platform—with more than 50% growth since 2013. T

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Keep Your Home PC Clean - Steer Clear of Malware

Most software and computer-based viruses are transmitted by clicking on infected files. These are usually sent by hackers through email. You’d be surprised how many people fall for a professional looking email and attachment that when clicked on, unleash a virus upon the user.

Networking article

Five Popular Groups for Building Valley Business Connections

Business opportunities are sometimes a handshake and a business card away when you attend a great networking group event.

Azgolf article

Golf for Everyone! Arizona Summer Season Deals | My Local News

In the United States, there are 15,014 golf facilities, with about 14,000 of those being open 18-hole courses, according to the National Golf Foundation.

Dark web article

What is the Dark Web and How Does It Help Fraudsters?

Most Internet users have heard the term “dark web” and “deep web” but aren’t sure what they mean. This blog post will explain the difference between the deep web and the dark web, tools that fraudsters use on the dark web, and what you can do to protect your revenue.

Connect customers article

Connecting B2B Brand Management and Customers (Hoover's Sales Blog

Creating, building and managing a brand should be at the top of the priority list for any small to medium-sized business (SMB) B2B marketer.

Snap1 article

Is Snapchat Right for your Small Business? (Hoover's Sales Blog)

Business owners can tap into Snapchat’s local geo-filters to bring a customized filter to its followers. It’s definitely a great way for smaller brands to get involved with Snapchat and test the waters on an affordable budget.

Snap1 article

Why Snapchat is the new Content Marketing

It's time to learn about Snapchat, understand its nuances, and bring a brand’s content marketing in video, text, images and audio to a variety of demographics.

Dopamine article

What Is Dopamine And How Does It Relate To Addiction?

What Is Dopamine And How Does It Relate To Addiction? Written for The Recovery Village.